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GateKeeper Enterprise

GateKeeper Enterprise brings security and convenience to employees by using wireless keys (Halberd or the Trident App) to simplify the login process, remove the need to remember complex passwords, and enable access to computers and websites based on their physical presence.

The GateKeeper wireless authentication system allows organisations to enhance workflow and achieve higher levels of security without inconveniencing the user.

From 5 workstations to 5,000, GateKeeper Enterprise provides pain-free, centralised management of every person, password, and computer on your network.

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According to multiple studies, over 30% of all support tickets are related
to password resets/forgotten passwords.

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Eliminates Manual Login

    • Automated login prevents shared and insecure passwords as well as offering password management.

Windows & Mac Compatibility

      • Windows 7-10 and Mac OSX version 10.13 or above


      • Credentials are secure with AES 256 encryption (not stored on keys)
      • GateKeeper offers optional 2-factor authentication with a 4-digit PIN

Proximity-based lock and unlock functionality

      • Adjustable range up to 30 feet.

Multiple Login Methods Available

      • Dynamically built for many clients on a single platform

Does not require physical contact with computer

      • Wireless Hand-free Authorization

Automated hand-free lock and unlock

      • GateKeeper ensures the computer is locked when unattended

Works with Wireless Key and Smartphone App

      • GateKeeper can be used in conjunction with a GateKeeper Halberd, or with the Trident App users can use their smartphone as a wireless key
      • GateKeeper Enterprise includes one GateKeeper Halberd per user

Real-time Location Services

      • Track user location in real-time and log location history

Shared Credential Identification

      • Differentiate users activity even if users share logins

GateKeeper HUb – Centralised Acces Management Dashboard

      • Server-based, not stored in the cloud
      • Deploy security policies
      • Add, edit or delete user access settings on the network
      • Manage devices and users
      • Reporting and auditing

Active Directory Integration

      • Easily add a user with one click from Active Directory

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GateKeeper Enterprise

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Enhanced Security

        • Prevents users from leaving sensitive data open when leaving workstation, eliminating the risk of an internal data breach

Touchless Authentication

GateKeeper unlocks machine when the user approaches, saving time with:

  • Overall the authentication process
  • Forgotten password
  • Mis-typed credentials

Business Intelligence Reporting

        • Valuable insight can be gleaned from time and motion data captured by GateKeeper, accessible via the Enterprise Hub

Centralized Management via GateKeeper Hub

  • Set and mandate security policies
  • Group computers/users according to access control needs
  • Revoke/delete GateKeeper credentials from server admin console

Security Sales and Integration technical editors choose Gatekeeper Enterprise as a Top 30 technology innovation of 2018.


If you have any further questions about the GateKeeper Enterprise why not take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below or contact us.

How secure is GateKeeper Enterprise?

GateKeeper Enterprise uses state of the art, military-grade AES 256 encryption to secure credentials. GateKeeper Enterprise offers 2-factor authentication for those that require it and a range of other locks/unlock settings.

Can multiple users (Halberds) have access to the same computer?

Yes. Your GateKeeper administrator can create groups via the GateKeeper Enterprise Hub which allows you to group together computers, users and Halberds.

What’s the validity of a GateKeeper Enterprise subscription?

The GateKeeper Enterprise comes with a 12 months licence.

Can GateKeeper Enterprise be used on all operating systems?

GateKeeper Enterprise software is compatible with: - Windows Server 2012+ - SQL Server 2007+ Gatekeeper Dashboard software is compatible with: - Windows 7-10 - Mac OSX version 10.13 or above

Can I manage all the GateKeeper Enterprise users in my organisation centrally?

Yes. Through the GateKeeper Enterprise Hub you can: - Deploy security policies such as 2-factor authentication - Access control lists for each computer - Assign users to workstations - Create groups of users/devices - Track usage via the reporting function - Run audit reports - Monitor the battery status of all Halberd wireless keys – administrators are notified if a user’s battery is running low.

What is the GateKeeper Enterprise Hub?

The GateKeeper Enterprise Hub management software runs on an organisations network and allows IT, administrators, to centrally control access to computers for every employee, across the network. Through the Hub administrators can: - Administer security policies - Manage deployments and credentials – computer, user and Halberd - Access user location tracking - Run audit logs and reporting

Do I need a GateKeeper Halberd wireless key to use GateKeeper Enterprise?

No, if you prefer you can purchase and download the Trident app and use your smartphone (visit your app store to find out more).

How does GateKeeper Halberd work?

Halberd is a Bluetooth Low Energy device and uses Bluetooth to communicate/connect with other devices. Your Halberd comes with a (Bluetooth enabled?) USB lock which we recommend you use, instead of using the Bluetooth on your PC/laptop/tablet. For the best performance, you want to ensure the dongle is in the line of sight of your Halberd, USB extension cables can be used if necessary to achieve this.

Can I use my smartphone as a wireless key instead of GateKeeper Halberd?

Yes. Simply purchase and download the GK Trident App from your smartphone app store and follow the set-up instructions.


Why isn’t my Halberd wireless key being detected?

Firstly check the battery in your Halberd. Is there one installed? Is it flat? – if there is a red light flashing on your Halberd the battery needs replacing (see below). Once you’ve checked the battery, scan again to pair the devices. If the Halberd still can’t be found, you may need to reposition your USB dongle. To work effectively, the USB dongle and Halberd wireless key must be in sight of one another. Ensure there are no obstructions between the two and if necessary use a USB extension cable to place the USB lock in a more receptive position. Other Bluetooth enabled devices may interfere with the connection so try to avoid having these in close proximity to the USB Lock or Halberd.

Why does my device keep locking unexpectedly?

To work effectively, the USB dongle and Halberd wireless key must be in sight of one another. Ensure there are no obstructions between the two and if necessary use a USB extension cable to place the USB lock in a more receptive position. Other Bluetooth enabled devices may interfere with the connection so try to avoid having these in close proximity to the USB Lock or Halberd. If you’re happy with the positioning of both devices, you may just need to re-train your Halberd and reset the distance settings via the Customer Portal.

How long will the battery in my GateKeeper Halberd last?

The battery should last 3-6 months depending on use.

How will I know when the battery needs replacing?

The light on a GateKeeper Halberd will flash red when the battery needs replacing. Your IT department will also receive a notification when your battery is running low.

How do I replace the battery in my GateKeeper Halberd?

GateKeeper Halberd takes a CR2450 battery. To change the battery in your device, simply slide open the back of the Halberd, take out the old battery and insert a new battery in its place (ensuring the ‘+’ is facing outwards), finally slide the back onto the Halberd.


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