Remote support

Remote support is more than possibile, it’s necessary.


Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technologies and hugely increase your connection speed, the sotfware enhance access and control a computer that it is thousands of kilometres away also allow any company to obtain a series of advantages:

  • cost reduction: If you are a company offering assistance, the fact of not having to move to the customer allows you to save on travel time reduction
  • instantaneous support: the service can be delivered immediately because the connection is made in a matter of seconds
  • increased productivity: you can work anywhere, safely, and connect remotely to the Office computer
  • collaborative approach in problem solving: meetings between employees, partners and customers can be programmed and implemented in a very short time and with increased frequency
  • also assistance to and from mobile devices to provide support whenever, wherever you are.

Who needs remote support

Perhaps we need to ask:  Who doesn’t need a remote support solution?
Below there are some macro-areas where organisations can gain the greatest benefits from a remote support solution.


Companies in every industry can benefit from using assistive devices and remote access, greatly reducing costs and increasing productivity. The possibility of an immediate dialogue with customers also makes sure real-time needs are perceived and genuine concern.

Public Sector

The use of a remote support service allows you to obtain a considerable reduction in operating costs, increase the efficiency of services for users and promote electronic administrative processes. It also allows you to provide help and assistance instantly, bringing public administration closer to the citizens.

Health Sector

In the health field, a remote assistance solution can help you deliver provide diagnostic services very quickly, thus speeding up the time of treating patients while preserving the privacy of their sensitive data.

Discover ISL Online

ISL Online is the all-in-one remote desktop software solution for  remote support, remote access, web conference and live chat that helps you in offering to your customers a fast, safe and convenient top-class support service.

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