Mobile Risk

Understanding the Spectrum of Mobile Risk

Mobile devices, even those that are corporate owned, are personal. Your CEO uses the same smartphone to send confidential emails, snap family photos, inspect customer records, get directions to meetings, and scrutinize financial reports. Every employee in your organization does the same thing. Your organization’s critical data is constantly being accessed by mobile devices, and once it leaves the network you have no visibility into where it goes, and little or no ability to enforce your security policy to protect it.

Your organization’s sensitive data has made the mobile ecosystem the new frontier for a wide spectrum of risk that every CISO must now understand. Take a deep dive into all twelve elements of the Mobile Risk Matrix in the table below.

The Mobile Risk Matrix

Protect Your Organization

The next steps for extending your security program to mobile start with thinking through each element of the Mobile Risk Matrix and developing a strategy to manage that risk in the context of your organization.

Complete the online Mobile Risk Assessment to get insight in your current level of risk based on your mobility policies and existing controls such as EMM. This assessment is based on the framework of the Mobile Risk Matrix, outlining risk across threats, software vulnerabilities, and risky behaviour/configurations for each of the attack vector on mobile devices.

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