Enabling & Securing Your Global Communications

EasyPhonia protects Your Communications

Our need for being constantly connected inevitably leads to the convergence of multiple media on a single device.

EasyPhonia allows you to lower your phone rates and, at the same time, to communicate in an effective, sustainable and secure way.

Our ever-increasing connectivity also requires us to raise the security level of our communications. The confidentiality of our business activities shouldn’t be overlooked and must be secured appropriately.

EasyPhonia specialises in  providing companies with secure VoIP services. Its cutting-edge technology allows you to configure a landline number of any local area (of your choice) on any Windows, Linux, iOS e Android device and to protect all your communications (voice, video, chat, text) with the highest security standard.

Furtthermore, all communications inside EasyPhonia’s network are free anywhere in the world.

What is EasyPhonia?

EasyPhonia is an app which, thanks to its unparalleled technology, allows you to configure a local landline number on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, PC) and to talk with other users securely and for free anywhere they are.

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Secure Land Line Number

EasyPhonia allows you to configure a local landline number on your mobile device and to make phone calls protected with the highest security standards.

Secure Voice

Your phone calls with other EasyPhonia users will be secured end-to-end with military grade encryption.

Secure Chat

Thanks to EasyPhonia, you can chat with your rels, colleagues and partners anywhere in the world in total security.

Secure Video Calls & Videoconferences

EaspyPhonia’s video calls and conferences are free and protected even in low bandwidth environments.

Secure Voice to Mail

When you can’t answer, EasyPhonia gets your ingoing calls and sends you the recorded voice messages via email.


No Hidden Cost

EasyPhonia doesn't have any hidden costs, nor any kind of fee. You pay as you go!

Any Device

EasyPhonia can be installed on any cell phone, smartphone, tablet or PC.

No PIN Required

EasyPhonia allows you to dial without PIN. The system automatically recognizes you, just place your call!

Peerless Quality

You don't want to start a phone call and not hear anything. We use only top quality channels.

Mobile App

The freedom to call directly from your smartphone, no PIN required and many additional and advanced functionalities.

Landline Numbers

No contract and with the app you can answer to your landline number form your mobile.

Do you want to know more about EasyPhonia?

Get in touch with our experts and discover how EasyPhonia can allow you to lower your phone rates and increase your security!