Secure Your Data

SafeToGo™ from Cardwave is a fully robust, hardware encrypted USB3.0 flash drive that protects your sensitive data.

SafeToGo™ can be fully managed through the SafeConsole Secure USB Management Server, giving administrators control over specific features that help you manage and secure your data, and make you EU-GDPR compliant!

Technical features
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SafeToGo: Features & Benefits

Mandatory Password Protection

The always-on password is the only thing that can give access to the data you store on your device.

Automatic Hardware Encryption

SafeToGo provides full hardware encryption of alla data, featuring a single on-board security chip that can't be bypassed andencrypts all data with AES 256-bit XTS encryption.

User-friendly Setup

The encryption is totally transparent, and no software installation nor administrative privileges are needed.

Timer Lock-Down

In case SafeToGo is left unattended in a computer, an unique timer automatically will lock it after a customizable number of minutes.

Hardware Brute-Force Protection

Built-in password attempt counter and user alert system that tracks faulty unlock attempts.

Authorized Autorun

SafeToGo always overwrite the autorun.inf file from the encrypted storage volume to protect against autorun viruses.

Fast Start-Up

Unlock SafeToGo in as little as one second after plugging it in.

Get It Right

Make no mistakes with your data and keep it secured with the XTS-AES 256-bit Encryption.

Total Reset

SafeToGo can be wiped clean and reset to factory settings.

Zero Failure

SafeToGo has a hardware failure rate of less than 0.1%!

Rugged Construction

Metal casing and a secure lid ensures the drive will survive a busy lifestyle.

Manageable - also on a Mac

SafeConsole allows you to manage multiple devices wherever they are in the world, providing remote reset of password, backup, write protection, wiping of sticks and more.

Multi-Language Support

SafeToGo currently supports English, French and German.

Life-Cycle Management

When an user leaves the organization, reissuing the SafeToGo to a new user is as easy as clicking a button. The durability of a SafeToGo makes it a long-lasting investment.

Unique Randomly Generated Key

Encryption keys are randomly generated on-board (using ANSI X9-31 RNG) at user setup, leaving no back door.

SafeToGo™ Specifications

SafeToGo™ has been designed and manufactured to achieve the highest levels of quality, performance and security. SafeToGo™ is CE, FCC and RoHS certified, and the housing is made from aluminium.

Key Features
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Data password protected with AES 256-bit XTS encryption
  • 100% hardware encryption
  • Plug-and-play simplicity
  • High performance in a small form-factor
  • Supports multi-partitions
  • Anti brute force attack
  • Fast start-up times
  • SafeConsole compatible
  • Manufactured to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004
Hardware Encryption

256-bit AES XTS hardware module, 2048-bit RSA hardware module


USB 3.0 high speed. Backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1


Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista; Window 10 (from version 4.8.16); Windows Server 2008; Mac OS X 10.5.x or later (El Capitan compatible from version 4.8.16); Linux Kernel 2.6 or later

Transfer Rate
  • 5Gbit/sec for USB 3.0
  • 480Mbits/sec for USB 2.0
  • 12Mbits/sec for USB1.1
  • *theoretical speeds

Here the datasheets of SafeToGo and SafeConsole, ready to download:

SafeToGo Datasheet

Encrypted Device


SafeConsole Datasheet

Remote Management System


SafeConsole Server

On-permises Installation


SafeToGo is SafeConsole Ready!

Discover what a SafeConsoleReady secure USB drive is and how a central device management system can improve your network security!

See the Infographics!


Manage your Fleet of USB Devices from everywhere

SafeConsole is the ideal solution for mobile employees that are handling sensitive data or intellectual property in multiple locations. SafeConsole allows you to administer hundreds or thousands of SafeToGo devices with efficiency, visibility and control.


Monitor all your encrypted endopoints, including their location anywhere in the world. Integrate with Active Directory to track users, assigned divices and connected computers with ease.


See which files are saved to or deleted from your encryted endpoints at any given moment. Use a complete audit trail to audit activity by user, including connections, login failures, resets and loss reports.


Enforce policies such as password rules, file-type restrictions and geographic boundaries. Reset passwords, switch endpoints into read-only mode, and even remotely wipe them in case of loss or theft.


Gain a big-picture view of your encrypted endpoints across the globe. Access report by configuration, geographic location, status, updates, recent activity and more.


Use IP-based location tracking to pinpoint the location of your encryted endpoints anywhere in the world. SafeConsole can also “geofence” your devices, making them accessible only within specific geographic boundaries.


SafeConsole offers an easy deployment for small and large organizations with connection to Active Directory (AD). Administrators can authenticate to access SafeConsole with their AD credentials. Install SafeConsole on your server, then deply drives to user(s). Each device is registered to a specific user in SafeConsole and linked to the user in the corporate directory (if available). The all-in-one installation has the power to serve large device deployments in the thousands  if required.

  • Up and running in minutes
  • Log in and manage from anywhere
  • Email and phone support
  • Priced per endpoint/year plus a one-time base fee
  • Requires a dedicated Windows-based server
  • Log in and manage from anywhere
  • Modest hardware and bandwidth requirements
  • Ideal for deployments of 300 or more endpoints

Encryption = Data Protection

Learn more about (hardware) encryption and why it represents a powerful way to secure your data wherever you are.


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We are known for our professionalism and quality of service and we handle millions of dollars worth of business and commercially sensitive data for many high-profile brands. Cardwave works at the highest levels in the industry and we are members and active contributors in trade associations and specialist industry groups that promote the adoption of standards and security protocols for removable media.

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