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Experienced in cyber security and, more generally, in IT technologies  – and inherently inquiring – we seek the more disruptive solutions to make your work more relaxed and safer, wherever you are.

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Working safely is critical

Cyber attacks, data breaches, social engineering scam: the increase of cyber threats is staggering. No fear: with the right technology, you can prevent serious damages and keep your peace of mind!

What We’ve Found for You

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Encryption & Strong Authentication

Mobility. Security. Cost saving. With SPYRUS “security to the edge”® you can get that all! Windows To Go Live Drives and the more robust encryption standards for strong authentication and remote access.

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The Guardian of Your Remote Desktop

Provide fast remote support to your clients, access remote computers or mobile devices, reach your website visitors via live chat, and host online meetings or webinars. From wherever you are and in total security.

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The USB Flash Drive for Data Encryption

SafeToGo Solo™ is a fully robust, hardware encrypted USB3.0 flash drive that protects your sensitive data. From Cardwave, the flash memory specialist.

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Get Rid of Your Old Anti-Virus

SentinelOne is the only platform for EPP and ActiveEDR, and protects any endpoint on your network against any kind of threat at any time of its life-cycle. Protection, detection, remediation (even rollback) and foresics in a single, autonomous and lighweight agent.

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Against the Threats of Social Engineering

The new school of security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks helps you build your ‘human firewall’ against social engineering attacks. “Do you care more about what your employees know, or what they do?” (Perry Carpenter)

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The Revolution in You Data Center

Device42 is a complete and revolutionary software solution for managing your data center and your network. Loved by organizations all around the world for its OpenAPI and its ease of use.

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How to Buy the Best Encrypted USB Pen Drive ever

No matter which Secure USB flash drive you choose? False! Download our guide and learn how to choose the more suitable to your needs!
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Encrypted USB Buyer's Guide

All Our Solutions for Your IT Security

Data Encryption

Thanks to encryption, your data can be protected even on a mobile device like a USB pen drive, an external HD or a microSD.

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Viruses & Malware

External devices can hide unexpected guests, like viruses or other malware. Fortunately, we have a solution!

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Mobile Security

Your smartphone or tablet is exposed to the highest risk of attack. Find out how to secure it!

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Remote Support

Issues with your customers' PCs? Thanks to remote desktop softare solutions, you can be always available, even on top of the world.

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Social Engineering

Learn how to build a human firewall to protect your organization against social engineering threats.

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