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About Us

Our golden retriever journey started over 21 years ago with the purchase of our first beautiful ANKC registered golden retriever female, “Fieldflite Just a Cuddle", (aka Sally) just six weeks prior to the birth of our son.  

Both Damian and I had owned dogs of a variety of breeds over the course of our lives, but just one week into living with a golden retriever and we knew there would never be any other breed of dog for us.
Our amazing Sally taught us so much about the importance of temperament and intelligence.  A super fast learner she amazed us by doing her absolute level best to be toilet trained almost from day one with just a few accidents here and there and she was smart enough to learn that she was only allowed on vinyl areas of our house, no carpeted areas by day two.  

We have many fond memories of watching her as a puppy ‘pushing’  her boundary and poking the tip of her paw over the metal vinyl strip dividing the carpet and vinyl as she lay watching television with us from her position in front of the fireplace.
Sadly, Sally was our ‘learning’ dog too.  We learned so much about how NOT to raise a golden retriever by doing all the wrong things.  Taking her to beaches as a puppy, letting her do crazy runs around the back yard and launching off our deck at high speed, playing fetch with a tennis ball hit off a tennis racket for hours on end, running her next to the car on our way to the end of the our acreage to get water from the bore.  Feeding her poor quality kibble and human snacks and treats.  What did all this mean? By the time we got to hipscoring, Sally was overweight, very smelly with oily skin and a bit of a structural mess with hip scores unsuitable for breeding, not good!!!
It was from that point onwards we dedicated ourselves to fully researching the health of golden retrievers and working hard to ensure that all our future goldens were raised with much more care and a very strong focus on gentle exercise and nutrition that has seen us now successfully breeding generation after generation of Cadenzahgold puppies that are known for their amazing temperaments, sound health and resistance to disease.   We have a number of  qualified Therapy dogs in the Cadenzahgold family.
Being well known for, ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure the health of our puppies and also maintaining life long support and contact with nearly all of our puppy owners over the years through a private Facebook group of  Cadenzahgold owners, we look forward to welcoming new families to our Cadenzahgold family.
ANKC Registered breeder number: 3100013734
Recreational Breeder number: RB104325
Golden Plains Shire Planning Permit No: P20420
ACN: 657 795 321
ABN: 52 351 299 634
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Last updated Thursday, 11 November 2022
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